European Economic Association – The EUROPEAN ECONOMIC ASSOCIATION (EEA) is an international scientific body, with membership open to all persons involved or interested in economics. Individual membership of the EEA includes access to the Journal of the Economic Association (JEEA). Members can submit papers to JEEA for no fee. Members also have the right to submit a paper to the EEA annual congress and attend the event.

Toulouse School of Economics is a world-renowned center hosted in a unique and historic location, the former tobacco factory at the University of Toulouse (UT1).  TSE brings together over 140 international researchers from three laboratories (GREMAQ, LERNA and ARQADE), 100 PhD students and 40 staff members.

University of St. Gallen,Switzerland. Since it was founded more than half a century ago, a key pillar of our institute’s work was to foster and support basic research in the field of economics. Recent work has been in the fields of Development and Growth, Public Finance, Institutional Economics, Industrial Organization as well as Macroeconomics.